GTA V Game

  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date September 17th, 2013
Developer Rockstar North
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action, Adventure
Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil
System PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Windows
Version Release


Grand Theft Auto V: The Ultimate Gangster Saga

The Story Always Continues

Rockstar Games keeps this saga going for more than two decades. The latest game of the series was published in 2013, and due to multiple updates and add-ons, it remains playable until now.

The place you enter is San Andreas, a fictional American state resembling South California. The city is full of criminals, and you are to climb up its hierarchy to the very top. This time you play three switchable characters, robbery masters: Michael (great at shooting), Franklin (an incredible driver), and Trevor (a battle machine when enraged). Each one has his own set of skills that can be upgraded by practicing.

So you’ll have to do a lot of fighting and shooting, running and (any doubt?) driving. The city is full of miscellaneous vehicles you can try: cars, bikes, trains, planes, helicopters and even tanks! Yes, your encounters with both police and criminal rivals will be tough and spectacular. Robbing jewelry stores and military labs, kidnapping, drug dealing… and, of course, carjacking make the story dense and exciting, hard to pause.

Mission by mission you build your career. But the story is not linear, so you can either just explore the region or spend your money for your further pleasure. Meanwhile, your characters need to eat and drink, sleep and train to keep active, and that routine is another part of the game.

The major storyline provides up to 43 hours, but there’s more to the game. You may have to repeat some missions until you’re through or spend your time just exploring the cities with its views. Communicating with NPCs has been raised to the new level: now they’re more interactive than ever. So prepare to get lost in San Andreas for an uncertain period. And even after you’re through, there is always multiplayer with both co-op and competition modes.

Look Grand, Sound Grand

While the graphical part of the game looks like a posh, detailed and well-printed comic book, the sound is quite cinematic. The game doesn’t pretend to be photorealistic. Instead, it perfects its drawn style up to some incredible height. It can be compared to “motion books” gone 3D.

Luxury costs. The original Grand Theft Auto V download requires 65 GB of free space, and then about the same space for installation. It may seem a bit overloaded: the inner TV programs, side quests, and unnecessary investments are not that key part of it, but they make GTA the legend it is.

There’s always more to explore: Rockstar claims it’s the largest world ever presented in the series. It took a lot of footage of real Californian landscapes to recreate it in the game, and it shows. Boulevards and beaches, mansions and railways – they’re all detailed, beautiful and impressing.

The soundtrack is worth a separate paragraph. The in-game radio has become a legend, and it keeps it up. The tracks are by famous producers, many written exclusively. This city is up to hip-hop and reggaeton first of all, but there are also rock, pop stations, and so on. Listening to these hits is a solid pleasure even apart from the game, and while playing they enhance the atmosphere strongly.

How to Rob

How spectacular the Grand Theft Auto V game is you can see from the prologue that takes place nine years before the main mission. But it has one more mission but telling the story: it shows you the controls. Depending on the device you play on, you can use your controller or mouse-and-keyboard set. The main moves are generic: use WASD to move your character, move the mouse to change directions and look around. Use right mouse button to aim and the left one to shoot. There are also some specific keys (Space to jump, Q to hide, Tab to switch the active character, and so on). The prologue tells it all.

It’s better to use your Xbox controller even when you’re playing on your PC. There’s less room for mistaken pressings and more convenience for your hands.

The recommended system configuration includes i5-3470 or higher GPU by Intel or its analog by AMD, 8 GB RAM, video card with at least 2 GB RAM and 65 GB free space. And, while the minimum is much more moderate, it’s better to upgrade the weakest hardware to catch up with at least recommended parameters.

Master Your Everything

The game is available for most major platforms, including Sony PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, and Windows. Due to obvious obstacles, Grand Theft Auto V game hasn’t been ported to mobile platforms (imagine how much memory it would require!)

While console users are quite good with their controllers, Windows users can select between Xbox controllers and mouse-and-keyboard sets. We’d recommend a controller: it provides more drive in action scenes and lets you feel like you’re watching a movie while viewing video interludes.


Is it really 62 GB?

And even larger, if with unofficial mods.

How to learn controls on PC?

There is an official page on the developer’s site with complete instructions.

Can I reduce the game size?

Alas, no. This kind of theft isn’t possible even there.

Is this the latest installment?

So far it is. But add-ons and mods constantly appear, so you still can replay it for a long time.

The Final Sentence

One of the greatest games in the world (no kidding), GTA V is worth its place on your computer if it fits the requirements. It’s more than a game: it’s an interactive gangster saga with great graphics, incredibly detailed storyline and epic soundtrack.

So if you have missed the game for any reason, we sentence you to immediate installation and 120 hours of playing. Not “forced”, because, as you taste it, it becomes voluntary. Writing your Grand Theft Auto V review isn’t necessary, but chances are you’ll want to share your impressions.


It’s really grand, so the only reason to avoid it so far is not being into gaming at all. Not your case if you’re reading this. So good luck, bro or sis!


  • Requires a freaking lot of memory
  • May cost you much, really much time


  • A long criminal story to follow
  • Different characters to play
  • Large open world
  • Many cars, bikes, planes, helicopters and even tanks to drive
  • Unique dark humor
  • Great soundtrack
  • Multiplayer mode
  • It’s the latest GTA so far
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