GTA V Game: How Long is GTA 5 Story? How long is GTA 5 story mode? Well, it’s quite long. Despite the time and effort, you need to invest in playing the game, an intense and fun adventure awaits you. As you move on to the next level, you will feel more excited to complete the game. The intensity and excitement will be extreme. You can’t help but feel more eager to fulfill your goal. For first timers, you may ask what GTA V Game really is. It is an action-adventure video game by Rockstar North. Published by the Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V was released in September 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the following year, it’s made available for Xbox One and Play Station 4. Then, it had been accessible in Microsoft Windows in 2015. It is also considered the first main entry in the GTA series since 2008’s. Now that you know what GTA V Game is, it’s about time to focus on the GTA 5 story mode missions. Are you ready? Take a close look at the following: Prologue The first part of any game is important. In GTA V Game, its prologue is intense and satisfying. It is also addicting and attractive. For inexperienced users, you may ask what you’re going to do in Prologue. Simply, you need to rob a depot of cash in North Yankton. Then, escape. That’s it! Franklin & Lamar Among the GTA 5 story mode missions, Franklin and Lamar are where you need to repossess at least two cars. Then, give them back to Simeon Yeterian. It sounds simple, right? But it’s easier said than done. As time goes on, you can become a pro. Just take your time and don’t be in a hurry. Repossession A motorcycle can play a big role in turning your goals into a reality in GTA V Game. To have one, repossess Esteban Jimenez’ motorcycle. Complications Now that you obtain a motorcycle from Esteban Jimenez, your job does not stop there. An SUV is highly needed in your victory. Repossess Jimmy De Santa’s SUV.  That’s it! Chop You probably have a bad experience of playing complications. There’s a worse case than that. As one of the trickiest GTA 5 story mode missions, the Chop requires you to chase down or intimidate a D. It is typically called as a gang member. Long Stretch In the Long Stretch, there are many things you have to do. First, you need to purchase a single flashlight mod. You will use it for a shotgun. Second, drive towards a drug rendezvous and escape. Third, lose the cops. Last but not least, return to the house of Franklin Clinton. Father/Son Do you want an opportunity to rescue someone in an action-adventure video game? In this GTA 5 story mode mission, you have to rescue Jimmy. He is from Michael’s stolen boat. Marriage Counseling What do you think you will do in Marriage Counselling? As the name suggests, the meaning can be deceiving. In this GTA 5 story mode mission, all you have to do is to chase the tennis coach of Amanda. Then, manage to escape the attack of the men of Martin. Daddy’s Little Girl An action-adventure game that only lasts for a short period can be disappointing. You’re probably looking for something more intense and new. In GTA V Game, it’s quite long and complex with a touch of enjoyment. In Daddy’s Little Girl, your goal here is to compete with Jimmy. And make sure to use your bicycle. After that, swim passionately to Tracey. Plus, manage to escape from some pursuers and other villains. Friend Request In this GTA 5 story mode mission, you have to purchase the same outfit to enter the headquarters of Lifeinvader secretly. Then, prepare a phone with a powerful and explosive charge. After that, kill Jay Norris by detonating the bomb. Chasing the Jewelry Store GTA V Game is full of surprises. In Chasing the Jewel Store, take a photo in Vangelico’s Fine Jewelry. After that, find a safe place to plan out your move. The roof can be a perfect place to get the process done without any hassles. Carbine Rifles You perhaps robbed the Vangelico’s Fine Jewelry. So, what’s next? Now is the best time to steal a squad truck. After obtaining one, make sure to lose the cops and hide the vehicle. Bugstars Equipment Have you heard about Bugstars van? If yes, what are you going to do with it? You have to steal one and don’t forget to stash it. Gas Grenades As you start the BZ Gas Grenades, you will definitely encounter a lab & research van that you have to ambush. It contains gas grenades wherein you should return to Darnell. It can be tricky at first. But with constant practice, it will be easy and convenient. Jewelry Store Job After planning out your moves in Chasing the Jewel Store, it’s time to rob the Vangelico’s Fine Jewelry. But it won’t be easy. Many hurdles may block your way. Make sure to escape on a motorcycle and hide in the rendezvous point. Mr. Philips In this GTA 5 story mode mission, it’s important to chase the lost MC. Be sure that the hideout is the right one to avoid any hassles. The moment you go there, wipe the place completely. After that, push the trailer of Ortega into a river. Nervous Ron In Nervous Ron, you also have to assassinate the lost MC. Plus, rob a plane. Be sure it contains enough guns and other weapons. Then, drop them off to the buyers. There you have it! The given GTA 5 story mode missions are only a few of the tasks you have to surpass. Comment down below for more information. We’re always glad to giving everyone a hand from start to finish. To know the latest game or software blogs, please feel free to browse our website!   Continue Reading What is the fastest car in GTA 5 Online in 2019? What is the fastest car in GTA 5 Online? It is a rather difficult question to answer. Which car is the fastest in a short drag race? Or on a standard lap with turns? Which car has the highest maximum speed? How many seconds will it to turn and speed up to 100 km/h? Let us try to define the fastest car in GTA 5. GTA 5 Online mighty ones So, let us define that in this research, based on players reviews, the 6 fastest cars in GTA 5 Online will be ranked on the measurements of two parameters: racing in a circle (where there are speedups, turns and brakings) and the maximum speed reached (on a long smooth surface). By comparing these two groups, we will try to identify the fastest car in GTA 5 online. The best on the circle ride: 6th place: Pegassi Zentorno — 1: 00.960 5th place: Pegassi Tempesta — 1: 00.803 4th place: Overflod Autarch — 0: 59.960 3rd place: Ocelot XA-21— 0: 59.927 2nd place: Annis RE-7B — 0: 59.727 1st place: Dewbauchee Vagner — 0: 59.194 Top speedupers: 6th place: Dewbauchee Vagner — 203.94 km/h 5th place: Progen Itali GTB Custom — 204.34 km/h 4th place: Truffade Nero Custom — 204.75 km/h 3rd place: Grotti X80 Proto — 205.15 km/h 2nd place: Bravado Banshee 900R — 210.78 km/h 1st place: Pfister 811 — 213.19 km/h It seems like now you have a list of cars that are good for events in GTA Online. But do not be enchanted so simply. For example, Tempesta and Zentorno are good at the circle, however, at the maximum speed, they can take only 26 and 20 places in the general top-list. On the other hand, Pfister 811 and Bravado Banshee 900R take 24 and 30 places, while at the maximum speed they are in top 5. Choosing the best one in GTA 5 Online The only car that appeared in both top six is ​​the Dewbauchee Vagner. Why is this car so good on the circle, where there are turns, braking and speedups? First of all, from all the cars that are on the top in a circle list, the Vagner has the largest maximum reached speed. Secondly, the car weighs 2205 pounds, which is the average normal car weight. One of the most important differences between the cars, which really plays a huge role in racing situations, is their weight. This parameter does not affect the car performance in GTA 5, but it is clearly used in the calculation of accidents. A car with more weight has an advantage in crashes on the road than a car with lightweight. This is important for races with rivals who can try to knock you out, but the leader here is XA-21 with a weight of nearly 3800 pounds. The third crucial factor is controllability. Some people can drive better than others, but everyone can benefit from a car that is easier to drive. Even the most experienced riders will have better results on well-controlled cars. Here Vagner competes with XA-21 again, but it’s up to you. Some players say that Vagner is more convenient to control and others vote for XA-21. But still, if to speak about speed, XA-21 isn’t even on a list of the best speedupers. The last one factor is the price. Dewbauchee Vagner is the best on the circle and the best in price ($ 1,535,000), the rest are much more expensive - Autarch ($ 1,455,000), XA-21 ($ 2,375,000) and RE-7B ($ 2,475,000). What is the result? The best and fastest car in GTA 5 Online, at the moment, is definitely Dewbauchee Vagner. Although it is a reliable middle-class car, it unquestionably wins in terms of price, speed and the ability to adapt to any situation on the racing lane, making it the best choice among all cars even in the supercar class.   Continue Reading Easy guide on how to install Grand Theft Auto V on your PC There are many pirate versions of Grand Theft Auto V on the Internet that can be downloaded and installed for free. But the massive number of bugs, glitches and errors on pirates cut the joy and if you can deal with this, then the lack of a working online-mode on pirate servers completely discourages the player. That’s why we’re here with our step by step guide on how to install Grand Theft Auto official version on your PC. How to download Grand Theft Auto on PC After you made sure that Grand Theft Auto V game meets the system requirements of your PC, you can safely purchase the game and start installing it on your computer. Go to the official website of Rockstar Games, and then from the list of their products, select Grand Theft Auto V, then at the bottom of the page, find the link to SocialClub, and go to the login page (if you have an account) or register (if you do not have an account). Be careful when registering, the required age for the game is 18+. Now, purchase and download the game directly to your PC. How to install Grand Theft Auto on PC The whole process begins with the opening of the launcher, where new windows will pop-up with step by step instructions. Many users are familiar with this standard scheme: the choice of shortcuts, the installation folder, additional software, and more. As for the latter, it is better to leave all the checkboxes enabled, as this may affect the gameplay or launch in the future. So, once you’re an official member, it will only remain to log into the Rockstar Social Club account and enter the license code. After the letter with the activation code has been sent to the e-mail, do not rush to open it, but first perform the following steps: Once logged in to the Social Club, go through the page to the image that says "Activate Grand Theft Auto V on PC" and click it; In the appeared window, select “Use Rockstar activation code” and in the field that appears, type the activation key sent in the letter; Then click on the “Activate” button; The final step is to run the GTAV_SETUP_TOOL.EXE file on your PC, which will help install all the necessary software, as well as the game itself. Just follow the instructions of the downloaded launcher, and the game will be installed on your PC in a few minutes. Please note: when activated, the official release date is checked. Activation will not be completed if the release date of the game has not yet arrived. Therefore, be sure to check the current date and time settings on your PC. If you have problems with Internet access or errors when trying to activate the game, go to the official website and read the FAQ to find the solution of your problem.   Continue Reading Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats And Guides There are a lot of things to explore/discover in GTA V and their detail, sense of humor/horror and atmosphere are stunning. But at the same time to access some of those secrets, you'll have to invest a lot of effort. GTA V cheats will make some of the tasks and quests much easier. 1. Entering Cheats To enter a cheat-code on your PS3/PS4/Xbox console you'll either need to: Use direction-pad/buttons on the gamepad. Use the in-game smartphone and it Dial button. For instance, Skyfall cheat GTA 5 PS4 or PS3 will look like: 1-999-759-3255 (via smartphone). L1-L2-R1-R2-Left-Right-Left-Right-L1-L2-R1-R2-Left-Right-Left-Right. On the PC you can either toggle the in-game console through this button: ~ (a.k.a. tilde), or enter the digit codes + Dial via the smartphone. The direction-pad combinations must be entered quickly, without any long breaks/pauses. Below you'll see the full list of all cheats available, including GTA 5 cheats cars. GTA V cheat codes PS4 work for PS3 as well. Cheat-codes: Cheat name Cellphone number PlayStation Xbox PC Invincibility 1-999-724-654-5537 RIGHT-X-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-R1-RIGHT-LEFT-X-TRIANGLE RIGHT-A-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-RB-RIGHT-LEFT-A-Y PAINKILLER Max Health/Armor 1-999-887-853 CIRCLE-L1-TRIANGLE-R2-X-SQUARE-CIRCLE-RIGHT-SQUARE-L1-L1-L1 B-LB-Y-RT-A-X-B-RIGHT-X-LB-LB-LB TURTLE Weaponry: Sawed Off Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, SMG, Pistol, Grenade, RPG, and Knife 1-999-8665-87 TRIANGLE-R2-LEFT-L1-X-RIGHT- TRIANGLE- DOWN-SQUARE- L1-L1-L1 Y-RT-LEFT-LB-A-RIGHT-Y-DOWN-X-LB-LB-LB TOOLUP Super Jump 1-999-467-86-48 LEFT-LEFT-TRIANGLE-TRIANGLE-RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-SQUARE-R1-R2 LEFT-LEFT-Y-Y-RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-X-RB-RT HOPTOIT Raise Wanted Level 1-999-3844-8483 R1-R1-CIRCLE-R2-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT RB-RB-B-RT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT FUGITIVE Lower Wanted Level 1-999-5299-3787 R1-R1-CIRCLE-R2-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT RB-RB-B-RT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT LAWYERUP Fast Run 1-999-228-8463 TRIANGLE-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-L2-L1-SQUARE Y-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-LT-LB-X CATCHME Fast Swim 1-999-468-44557 LEFT-LEFT-L1-RIGHT-RIGHT-R2-LEFT-L2-RIGHT LEFT-LEFT-LB-RIGHT-RIGHT-RT LEFT-LT-RIGHT GOTGILLS Recharge Ability 1-999-769-3787 X-X-SQUARE-R1-L1-X-RIGHT-LEFT-X A-A-X-RB-LB-A-RIGHT- LEFT-A POWERUP Parachute 1-999-759-3483 LEFT-RIGHT-L1-L2-R1-R2-R2-LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT-L1 LEFT-RIGHT-LB-LT, RB-RT-RT-LEFT-, LEFT-RIGHT-LB SKYDIVE Skyfall 1-999-759-3255 L1-L2-R1-R2-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-L1-L2-R1-R2-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT LB-LT-RB-RT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LB-LT-RB-RT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT SKYFALL Explosive Melee Attacks 1-999-4684-2637 RIGHT-LEFT-X-TRIANGLE-R1-CIRCLE-CIRCLE-CIRCLE-L2 RIGHT-LEFT-A-Y-RB-B-B-B-LT HOTHANDS Explosive Bullets 1-999-444-439 RIGHT-SQUARE-X-LEFT-R1-R2-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-L1-L1-L1 RIGHT-X-A-LEFT-RB-RT-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-LB-LB-LB HIGHEX Flaming Bullets 1-999-462-363-4279 L1-R1-SQUARE-R1-LEFT-R2-R1-LEFT-SQUARE-RIGHT-L1-L1 LB-RB-X-RB-LEFT-RT-RB-LEFT-X-RIGHT-LB-LB INCENDIARY Slow Motion Aim 1-999-332-3393 SQUARE-L2-R1-TRIANGLE-LEFT-SQUARE-L2-RIGHT-X X-LT-RB-Y-LEFT-X-LT-RIGHT-A DEADEYE Drunk Mode 1-999-547-861 TRIANGLE-RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-SQUARE-CIRCLE-LEFT Y-RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-X-B-LEFT LIQUOR Change Weather 1-999-625-348-7246 R2-X-L1-L1-L2-L2-L2-SQUARE RT-A-LB-LB-LT-LT-LT-X MAKEITRAIN Slippery Cars 1-999-766-9329 TRIANGLE-R1-R1-LEFT-R1-L1-R2-L1 Y-RB-RB-LEFT-RB-LB-RT-LB SNOWDAY Slo-mo 1-999-756-966 TRIANGLE-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-SQUARE-R2-R1 Y-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-X-RT-RB SLOWMO Buzzard 1-999-289-9633 CIRCLE-CIRCLE-L1-CIRCLE-CIRCLE,-IRCLE-L1-L2-R1-TRIANGLE-CIRCLE-TRIANGLE B-B-LB-B-B-B-LB-LT-RB-Y-B-Y BUZZOFF Comet 1-999-266-38 R1-CIRCLE-R2-RIGHT-L1-L2-X-X-SQUARE-R1 RB-B-RT-RIGHT-LB-LT-A-A-X-RB COMET Sanchez 1-999-633-7623 CIRCLE-X-L1-CIRCLE-CIRCLE-L1-CIRCLE-R1-R2-L2-L1-L1 B-A-LB-B-B-LB-B-RB-RT-LT-LB-LB OFFROAD Trashmaster 1-999-872-433 CIRCLE-R1-CIRCLE-R1-LEFT-LEFT-R1-L1-CIRCLE-RIGHT B-RB-B-RB-LEFT-LEFT-RB-LB-B-RIGHT TRASHED Limo 1-999-846-39663 R2-RIGHT-L2, LEFT-LEFT-R1-L1-CIRCLE-RIGHT RT-RIGHT-LT-LEFT, LEFT-RB-LB-B-RIGHT VINEWOOD Stunt Plane 1-999-2276-78676 CIRCLE-RIGHT-L1-L2-LEFT-R1-L1-L1-LEFT-LEFT-X-TRIANGLE B-RIGHT-LB-LT-LEFT-RB-LB-LB-LEFT-LEFT-A-Y BARNSTORM Caddy 1-999-4653-46-1 CIRCLE-L1-LEFT-R1-L2-X-R1-L1-CIRCLE-X B-LB-LEFT-RB-LT-A-RB-LB-B-A HOLEIN1 Rapid GT 1-999-727-4348 R2-L1-CIRCLE-RIGHT-L1-R1-RIGHT-LEFT-CIRCLE-R2 RT-LB-B-RIGHT-LB-RB-RIGHT-LEFT-B-RT RAPIDGT Duster 1-999-359-77729 RIGHT-LEFT-R1-R1-R1-LEFT-TRIANGLE-TRIANGLE-X-CIRCLE-L1-L1 RIGHT-LEFT-RB-RB-RB-LEFT-Y-Y-A, B-LB-LB FLYSPRAY PCJ-600 1-999-762-538 R1-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-R2-LEFT-RIGHT-SQUARE-RIGHT-L2-L1-L1 RB-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-RT-LEFT-RIGHT-X-RIGHT-LT-LB-LB ROCKET BMX 1-999-226-348 LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-SQUARE-CIRCLE-TRIANGLE-R1-R2 LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-X-B-Y-RB-RT BANDIT Moon gravity 1-999-356-2837 LEFT-LEFT-L1-R1-L1-RIGHT-LEFT-L1-LEFT LEFT-LEFT-LB-RB-LB-RIGHT-LEFT-LB-LEFT FLOATER Kraken Sub 1-999-282-2537 - - BUBBLES Duke O'Death 1-999-3328-4227 - - DEATHCAR   NOTE: Whenever cheats are on, they temporarily deactivate your Trophies & Achievements during the ongoing game session. As soon as you restart the game, T&A will be back. NOTE: GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 are identical to those on Xbox One. 2. GTA 5 Money Cheat To be honest there's no money cheat GTA 5 PS4 or any other platform at all. But if you're too impatient to grind the dough through conventional means of taxi driving/bank-robbing etc. there are a couple of ways to hustle the whole fortune relatively quickly. And it's called Assassination Investor. In the story mode, Franklin will be instructed by Lester to assassinate a number of tycoons. Invest money in the stocks of the companies they represent via BAWSAQ before/after murdering CEOs - their value literally skyrockets once the victims are taken care of. Just in case save your progress before assassinating CEOs not to miss the peak value of the stock. I) The Hotel Assassination: Buy before - BettaPharmaceuticals. Sell after - BettaPharmaceuticals (+21%). Buy after assassination - Bilkington. Sell after rebound (1 week) - Bilkington (+80%). II) The Multi-target assassination: Invest before - Debonaire. Sell after - Debonaire (+80%). Buy after assassination - Redwood. Sell after rebound - Redwood (+300%). III) The Vice assassination: Buy before - Fruit. Sell after - Fruit (+25%). Buy after assassination - Facade. Sell after rebound - Facade (+30%). IV) The Bus assassination: Buy after assassination - Vapid. Sell after rebound - Vapid (100%). V) The Construction assassination: Buy before - GoldCoast. Sell after - GoldCoast (+80%). NOTE: One business day in GTA V lasts from 8am to 7pm. 3. How to find the GTA 5 Peyote Plant locations Peyote Plants are necessary for transforming into animals through psychedelic tripping. And at some point you'll be able to play as Sasquatch himself. Where to search: 1) Blaine County: Mount Chiliad Cable Car Station. Near two posts with red flags - search there. Mount Chiliad (east). North of the camp. Mount Gordo. South-east of Paleto Bay - there's a small lake. The cactus is near it. Raton Canyon. The cactus is on a huge rock, south part of the plateau. Raton Canyon Overlook. At the top of the southern mountain, there's an observational platform. The plant is to the south from the platform. Two Hoots Falls. Nearby a waterfall. Lago Zancudo Outwash. Southwest of Fort Zancudo, underwater near a rowboat. Paleto Bay. Nearby a bench. North-West Alamo Sea. Underwater, between outcroppings. Wind Farm Trailer Park. Grand Senora Desert. Near a construction site. 2) Los Santos: Del Perro Pier. Near a pier-pillar underwater. Vespucci Beach. Above the hotel Venetian. Vinewood Hills. La Puerta. Nearby a baseball field. Los Santos Airport. El Burro Heights. Near a parking lot. Eastern Coastal Island. Southeast of the biggest stone island. Fort Zacundo. On a dirt road. Grand Senora Desert. Near an oil-drill, masked with leaves. Mirror Park. Behind an abandoned house. San Chianski. On the bottom of the ocean. Paleto Cove North. Near a sunken plane.   4. How to unlock the GTA 5 Dodo Seaplane You can either unlock it this way: Go to the random event is in the sea cove (East from Ron's farm). You'll see an armed man - shoot him. Hop in the Dodo. Fly away from the hostile boats. Or enter: 1-999-398-4628. EXTINCT (PC). 5. How to find the GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations Stunt Jumps allow your vehicle to do dizzy jumping in almost slow-motion regime. It’s a must-have for everyone, who aspires to complete the game 100%. Moreover it unlocks a trophy “Show-Off”. Locations: Blaine County El Gordo Lighthouse Grand Senora Desert Los Santos County Senora Freeway East Vinewood Los Santos Elysian Fields South Los Santos Los Santos South Port Airport Muerta Oil Field Don’t forget that there are still things to be discovered in GTA 5. And of course cheat responsibly.   Continue Reading Grand Theft Auto V: Beginners Tips So you have just started out and don't know what to do in GTA 5? The in-game world is quite gigantic. And you have 3 characters to play for, with each one having his own personality, unique missions & side-quests. And how many Easter eggs and secrets are hidden in Grand Theft Auto! Our GTA beginners guide will help you navigate through this crime-saga. GTA 5 What to Do First? In the very beginning of your GTA-odyssey, you will find yourself amidst the Prologue: a robbery that took place 9 years prior to the game events. It causes much heat and triggers fuzz. The key characters Michael and Trevor will be present as well. In the Prologue mission you'll be mastering the basics of the gameplay: Shooting (ammo refilling is automatic). Using remote explosives. Driving vehicles. Occasional melee combating. Here's how to shoot in GTA 5. Aiming your weaponry is simple: press right-mouse button on PC. As for the consoles, they have auto-aiming function. And then just press the fire-button. Here's how you beat the Prologue mission: Intimidate the office employees, by aiming your weapon on them - don't shoot anyone. Your accomplice Trevor will set up the explosives at the vault. Use your cellphone to blow up the vault: press UP on the direction-pad (consoles) or T/Backspace/UP on the Arrow pad (PC). Switch to Trevor. Consoles: Down on the direction-pad + Analogue Stick - choose Trevor; PC: press Alt and choose Trevor. Follow the gang. Then there will be a police-chase: Clear the garage from the police. Get inside the car that awaits your gang. Flee on the snowy road. Cross the railroad before the upcoming train makes it impossible. There will be a brief shoot-out and the mission's complete. Once you're done with the Prologue, the rest of the game mechanics will be mastered by you on an instinctive level. Tip: You can run off the snowy road before the guard rail and stop the car under the bridge. There, beneath the ice you will see a frozen alien corpse. But driving off the road may trigger an automatic mission failure. Side-jobs One of the best GTA 5 tips is doing side-missions for earning extra cash/reputation, unlocking rare vehicles, completing the game 100%. You will see them on the map marked with little symbols, for example salad-colored L letter for Investment Assassinations provided by Lester. But sometimes you can run into a rewarding side-event by accident: if you spot an oddly looking person/some bizarre situation - 98% there's a side-quest waiting for you. They include: Towing cars. Assassinating tycoons. Working as a paparazzo's driver. Testing drugs and then bullet-riddling aliens with a huge machine gun. Intimidating gangs. Slaughtering post-ironic hipsters. Giving a ride to random people, taking them instead of their destination to the Altruist camp that practices human sacrifices. And much more. It's suspected that some of the extra-quests are still undiscovered. Map The one of the most useful GTA 5 tips. Thanks to the Map, you can find whatever you need in Los Santos. The main missions are marked with F (Franklin), M (Michael) and T (Trevor) signs. And side-missions have their own marks - a question mark for example. Additionally you will find: Barber shops. AmmuNation gun-stores and shooting ranges. Tattoo parlors. Clothing stores. Your Safe Home. Businesses to buy. And so forth. Money-grinding There are several ways to make cash in GTA V. 1.  Finding secret money stashes They are scattered throughout Los Santos and your dough-catch may vary between $5.000/$25.000. The only difficulty is that they are hard to access. 2. Robberies You can perform almost a caravan-robbery by locating an armored truck. They appear randomly/unexpectedly in specific locations: La Puerta Cypress Flats Little Seoul (X2) Paleto Bay You will see them as white-and-green armored vans with Gruppe label on them. Robbing: Kill the guards/take the money. Hijack the truck, while the guards are distracted. Detonate the truck doors. Moreover, you can detect people nearby ATMs drawing some cash and rob them. Another way is to eliminate the robbers, who just emptied the cash-register at a store. This event triggers randomly whenever you enter one of the stores. Tip: You can either take the whole dough or return it to the owner to get a money reward + an additional bonus. For instance, the owner of the clothing store Suburban will give you a lifetime discount. At the Bob Mullet barbershop you will get cheaper haircuts as well. 3. Investments Finally, the most lucrative thing to do: stock-investments. In the Investment Assassinations Lester will advise you which companies to put your money in, but just in case here's a short guide of buying/selling the stock: Hotel Assassination: Buy before killing - BettaPharmaceuticals. Sell after killing - BettaPharmaceuticals. Buy after killing - Bilkington. Sell after 1-week rebound - Bilkington. Multi-target assassination: Buy before - Debonaire. Sell after - Debonaire. Buy after assassination - Redwood. Sell after rebound - Redwood. Vice assassination: Buy before - Fruit. Sell after - Fruit. Buy after assassination - Facade. Sell after rebound - Facade. Bus assassination: Buy after assassination - Vapid. Sell after rebound - Vapid. Construction assassination: Buy before - GoldCoast. Sell after - GoldCoast. Through the stock manipulations you can earn up to $2.1 billion (!) As soon as you've amassed some impressive funds, you can invest them in property/businesses that will generate extra-profit and let you do other stuff. For example, if you buy a hangar, you can store in it a stolen military jet-fighter, once the wanted level drops down. Secrets Additionally you can solve GTA V's mysteries, of which there's an abundance: Collect alien spacecraft parts. Observe UFOs. Investigate a psycho-killer's case. Do ghost-hunting. Transform into Sasquatch. Investigate the Altruist and Epsilon cults. Explore strange decorations/phenomena. And much more. These are the basics you need to know. They are easy to master, but beating GTA 5 100% isn’t a walk on the beach. Seek for random events, spot the freaks, avoid using cheats and then the awesomeness of the extra-content unlockable in finale will keep you thrilled.   Continue Reading Grand Theft Auto V: Top Ten Things To Do In GTA You may ask yourself: What do you do in Grand Theft Auto V if bank-robberies, gold reserve-snatching, car hijacking and hipster mass-slaughtering have lost their flavor a bit? Luckily GTA V's world is just too massive to run out of ideas for having some quality fun. Follow our guide of top things to do on Grand Theft Auto to make Michael's/Trevor's/Franklin's lives richer. 1. Animal-morphing You've been introduced to the concept of controlling a Rottweiler in the Chop mission, starring Franklin. But apart from Chop, you can also "possess" bodies of 27 other animals, including birds, during a psychedelic trip. What you will need to do is to find peyote and devour it, thus causing a hallucination. You can play as: Border collie Labrador Retriever Poodle Rooster Chicken Hawk Cormorant Hammerhead Shark Cat Mountain Lion Sasquatch Each peyote has a secret location including Mountain Chiliad, Chamberlain Hills, Mount Gordo, International LS Airport, etc. 2. Frozen Alien Perhaps a one-time activity, but still very thrilling, considering that GTA games have been referencing to alien presence since the days of San Andres: we could eavesdrop on secret agents scornfully talking about carbon-based life forms, observe the creepy pedestrian DNMOLC1. In GTA V you encounter an alien directly, although deceased. In the mission Bury the Hatchet: Drive off the snowy road when you see the guardrail. Stop the car under the bridge. Investigate the area closely. This Easter egg is available both in Prologue/Bury the Hatchet. 3. Cousin Niko Nico Bellic's life has been clad in mystery ever since GTA IV's final credits. Criminal geek Lester mentions him once in the game. Also, Nico's accomplice Patrick McReary says that Bellic is more likely dead. However, on LifeInvader, on Nico's page you can find information that both he and his cousin Roman are still alive and doing well. And probably they might be bowling right this second in one of the Liberty City's bowling alleys... 4.  Movie & game references GTA 5 is brimming with allusions to the cult films/games up to the bursting point. First, for No Country for Old Man fans there's a miraculous recreation of a failed drug deal scene with trucks and corpses. And if you go down the hill, you'll stumble upon a dying man with a silver briefcase. The man will implore you not to take it, but if you confiscate it from him, you'll end up with $25,000 and random people trying to chase you. Second, you can catch two girls doing a final scene from Thelma and Louise. Approximately at 7 pm, you must be at the Sandy Shores Airfield. At that time, there will be a police chase, featuring two women driving something similar to Ford Thunderbird. It's recommended to watch the chase through a sniper rifle scope: you will even spot sombreros and guitars in their vehicle! And best of all you can partake in the legendary scene. Third, if you cherish the 80's clothes-style, you will appreciate the idea of getting dressed as Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City or Max Payne. And smaller shout-outs are everywhere: Supersonic delivery, underwater hatch from Lost and more. 5. Treasure-diving Once you get to fiddle with a compact submarine, you can discover metaphorical treasures and wonders of the GTA V's underwater world. There will be an abandoned tank, a giant sunken cargo ship, military submarine, and even a full-fledged alien spaceship. Besides at some point you may hear the sound of tapping when you approach a mysterious hatch. It's a Morse-code message, which says: "Hey, you never call, how'd you fancy going bowling? ". Roman will find you anywhere. 6. The Sky King You can hijack a P-996 Laser Jet in the south side of Fort Zancudo right from its hanger. It's up to your imagination what to do with that destruction-machine. But the traffic/land police surely won't annoy you anymore. If you're in a tranquil, peaceful mood, getting a slow Atomic blimp ride over the night Los Santos will be a nice relaxation. 7. Ghostbusting One of the GTA V must do things is the ghost-hunt. If you drive to Mount Gordo shortly before time period between 11pm/12am, you'll encounter a female apparition. Unfortunately, interacting with her is hopeless, but the scene is still blood-chilling. Now, finding out who she was is quite an exciting investigation: pay attention to the inscription on the rock below, which says "Jock" - this is your #1 clue. 8. Serial killer Hands down this is one of the coolest things to do on Grand Theft Auto 5. A serial killer, known as Infinity killer used to terrorize Los Santos. His body-count is 8 victims abducted and brutally murdered. You should follow the trace of his abhorrent crimes, collecting clues one by one and deciphering cryptic messages, written in the form of the disturbing nursery rhyme. This will help you identify the psychopath, learn of his victims' destiny and find... You'll see what you will find. Hint: search around Paleto Bay. 9. Sasquatch This is one of GTA V best things to do. Sasquatch is many of the beasts, the shape of which you can assume in GTA V. However, the quest for this seems to be sophisticated. You will need to collect and consume 7 Golden Peyotes, but it's supposed to be done according to the rules: Collect all the 27 peyotes. Game completion should be 100%. Complete The Last One mission (don't kill Bigfoot). The weather should be snowy/foggy. The time: 5:00AM/8:30 AM. Golden peyotes should be collected from Saturday to Sunday. At the end will happen the battle with the Beast, who possesses supernatural powers and is dressed like an MJ-like music video extra. 10. Alien contact After you beat the game 100%, you're able to see various extraterrestrial aircraft. For instance, one of them hovers over Mountain Chiliad at night. If you take a closer look through the sniper rifle scope - you'll see FIB markings on it. They are immune to weaponry and cannot be interacted/manipulated, unfortunately. These are just 10 adventurous things you can engage in in GTA V. Additionally, you can solve a murder mystery and unlock retro noir filters for the game, do odd jobs for the satanic Altruist camp, become a brave crime-stopper and so on. And some secret quests are yet to be discovered. Continue Reading