Grand Theft Auto V: Top Ten Things To Do In GTA

You may ask yourself: What do you do in Grand Theft Auto V if bank-robberies, gold reserve-snatching, car hijacking and hipster mass-slaughtering have lost their flavor a bit? Luckily GTA V's world is just too massive to run out of ideas for having some quality fun.

Follow our guide of top things to do on Grand Theft Auto to make Michael's/Trevor's/Franklin's lives richer.

1. Animal-morphing

You've been introduced to the concept of controlling a Rottweiler in the Chop mission, starring Franklin. But apart from Chop, you can also "possess" bodies of 27 other animals, including birds, during a psychedelic trip. What you will need to do is to find peyote and devour it, thus causing a hallucination.

You can play as:

  • Border collie

  • Labrador Retriever

  • Poodle

  • Rooster

  • Chicken Hawk

  • Cormorant

  • Hammerhead Shark

  • Cat

  • Mountain Lion

  • Sasquatch

Each peyote has a secret location including Mountain Chiliad, Chamberlain Hills, Mount Gordo, International LS Airport, etc.

2. Frozen Alien

Perhaps a one-time activity, but still very thrilling, considering that GTA games have been referencing to alien presence since the days of San Andres: we could eavesdrop on secret agents scornfully talking about carbon-based life forms, observe the creepy pedestrian DNMOLC1.

In GTA V you encounter an alien directly, although deceased. In the mission Bury the Hatchet:

  1. Drive off the snowy road when you see the guardrail.

  2. Stop the car under the bridge.

  3. Investigate the area closely.

This Easter egg is available both in Prologue/Bury the Hatchet.

3. Cousin Niko

Nico Bellic's life has been clad in mystery ever since GTA IV's final credits. Criminal geek Lester mentions him once in the game. Also, Nico's accomplice Patrick McReary says that Bellic is more likely dead.

However, on LifeInvader, on Nico's page you can find information that both he and his cousin Roman are still alive and doing well. And probably they might be bowling right this second in one of the Liberty City's bowling alleys...

4.  Movie & game references

GTA 5 is brimming with allusions to the cult films/games up to the bursting point.

First, for No Country for Old Man fans there's a miraculous recreation of a failed drug deal scene with trucks and corpses. And if you go down the hill, you'll stumble upon a dying man with a silver briefcase. The man will implore you not to take it, but if you confiscate it from him, you'll end up with $25,000 and random people trying to chase you.

Second, you can catch two girls doing a final scene from Thelma and Louise. Approximately at 7 pm, you must be at the Sandy Shores Airfield. At that time, there will be a police chase, featuring two women driving something similar to Ford Thunderbird. It's recommended to watch the chase through a sniper rifle scope: you will even spot sombreros and guitars in their vehicle! And best of all you can partake in the legendary scene.

Third, if you cherish the 80's clothes-style, you will appreciate the idea of getting dressed as Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City or Max Payne. And smaller shout-outs are everywhere: Supersonic delivery, underwater hatch from Lost and more.

5. Treasure-diving

Once you get to fiddle with a compact submarine, you can discover metaphorical treasures and wonders of the GTA V's underwater world. There will be an abandoned tank, a giant sunken cargo ship, military submarine, and even a full-fledged alien spaceship.

Besides at some point you may hear the sound of tapping when you approach a mysterious hatch. It's a Morse-code message, which says: "Hey, you never call, how'd you fancy going bowling? ". Roman will find you anywhere.

6. The Sky King

You can hijack a P-996 Laser Jet in the south side of Fort Zancudo right from its hanger. It's up to your imagination what to do with that destruction-machine. But the traffic/land police surely won't annoy you anymore.

If you're in a tranquil, peaceful mood, getting a slow Atomic blimp ride over the night Los Santos will be a nice relaxation.

7. Ghostbusting

One of the GTA V must do things is the ghost-hunt. If you drive to Mount Gordo shortly before time period between 11pm/12am, you'll encounter a female apparition. Unfortunately, interacting with her is hopeless, but the scene is still blood-chilling.

Now, finding out who she was is quite an exciting investigation: pay attention to the inscription on the rock below, which says "Jock" - this is your #1 clue.

8. Serial killer

Hands down this is one of the coolest things to do on Grand Theft Auto 5. A serial killer, known as Infinity killer used to terrorize Los Santos. His body-count is 8 victims abducted and brutally murdered.

You should follow the trace of his abhorrent crimes, collecting clues one by one and deciphering cryptic messages, written in the form of the disturbing nursery rhyme. This will help you identify the psychopath, learn of his victims' destiny and find... You'll see what you will find.

Hint: search around Paleto Bay.

9. Sasquatch

This is one of GTA V best things to do.

Sasquatch is many of the beasts, the shape of which you can assume in GTA V.
However, the quest for this seems to be sophisticated. You will need to collect and consume 7 Golden Peyotes, but it's supposed to be done according to the rules:

  • Collect all the 27 peyotes.

  • Game completion should be 100%.

  • Complete The Last One mission (don't kill Bigfoot).

  • The weather should be snowy/foggy.

  • The time: 5:00AM/8:30 AM.

  • Golden peyotes should be collected from Saturday to Sunday.

At the end will happen the battle with the Beast, who possesses supernatural powers and is dressed like an MJ-like music video extra.

10. Alien contact

After you beat the game 100%, you're able to see various extraterrestrial aircraft. For instance, one of them hovers over Mountain Chiliad at night. If you take a closer look through the sniper rifle scope - you'll see FIB markings on it. They are immune to weaponry and cannot be interacted/manipulated, unfortunately.

These are just 10 adventurous things you can engage in in GTA V. Additionally, you can solve a murder mystery and unlock retro noir filters for the game, do odd jobs for the satanic Altruist camp, become a brave crime-stopper and so on. And some secret quests are yet to be discovered.