GTA V Game: How Long is GTA 5 Story?

How long is GTA 5 story mode? Well, it’s quite long. Despite the time and effort, you need to invest in playing the game, an intense and fun adventure awaits you.

As you move on to the next level, you will feel more excited to complete the game. The intensity and excitement will be extreme. You can’t help but feel more eager to fulfill your goal.

For first timers, you may ask what GTA V Game really is. It is an action-adventure video game by Rockstar North. Published by the Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V was released in September 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the following year, it’s made available for Xbox One and Play Station 4. Then, it had been accessible in Microsoft Windows in 2015. It is also considered the first main entry in the GTA series since 2008’s.

Now that you know what GTA V Game is, it’s about time to focus on the GTA 5 story mode missions. Are you ready? Take a close look at the following:


The first part of any game is important. In GTA V Game, its prologue is intense and satisfying. It is also addicting and attractive. For inexperienced users, you may ask what you’re going to do in Prologue. Simply, you need to rob a depot of cash in North Yankton. Then, escape. That’s it!

Franklin & Lamar

Among the GTA 5 story mode missions, Franklin and Lamar are where you need to repossess at least two cars. Then, give them back to Simeon Yeterian. It sounds simple, right? But it’s easier said than done. As time goes on, you can become a pro. Just take your time and don’t be in a hurry.


A motorcycle can play a big role in turning your goals into a reality in GTA V Game. To have one, repossess Esteban Jimenez’ motorcycle.


Now that you obtain a motorcycle from Esteban Jimenez, your job does not stop there. An SUV is highly needed in your victory. Repossess Jimmy De Santa’s SUV.  That’s it!


You probably have a bad experience of playing complications. There’s a worse case than that. As one of the trickiest GTA 5 story mode missions, the Chop requires you to chase down or intimidate a D. It is typically called as a gang member.

Long Stretch

In the Long Stretch, there are many things you have to do. First, you need to purchase a single flashlight mod. You will use it for a shotgun. Second, drive towards a drug rendezvous and escape. Third, lose the cops. Last but not least, return to the house of Franklin Clinton.


Do you want an opportunity to rescue someone in an action-adventure video game? In this GTA 5 story mode mission, you have to rescue Jimmy. He is from Michael’s stolen boat.

Marriage Counseling

What do you think you will do in Marriage Counselling? As the name suggests, the meaning can be deceiving. In this GTA 5 story mode mission, all you have to do is to chase the tennis coach of Amanda. Then, manage to escape the attack of the men of Martin.

Daddy’s Little Girl

An action-adventure game that only lasts for a short period can be disappointing. You’re probably looking for something more intense and new.

In GTA V Game, it’s quite long and complex with a touch of enjoyment. In Daddy’s Little Girl, your goal here is to compete with Jimmy. And make sure to use your bicycle. After that, swim passionately to Tracey. Plus, manage to escape from some pursuers and other villains.

Friend Request

In this GTA 5 story mode mission, you have to purchase the same outfit to enter the headquarters of Lifeinvader secretly. Then, prepare a phone with a powerful and explosive charge. After that, kill Jay Norris by detonating the bomb.

Chasing the Jewelry Store

GTA V Game is full of surprises. In Chasing the Jewel Store, take a photo in Vangelico’s Fine Jewelry. After that, find a safe place to plan out your move. The roof can be a perfect place to get the process done without any hassles.

Carbine Rifles

You perhaps robbed the Vangelico’s Fine Jewelry. So, what’s next? Now is the best time to steal a squad truck. After obtaining one, make sure to lose the cops and hide the vehicle.

Bugstars Equipment

Have you heard about Bugstars van? If yes, what are you going to do with it? You have to steal one and don’t forget to stash it.

Gas Grenades

As you start the BZ Gas Grenades, you will definitely encounter a lab & research van that you have to ambush. It contains gas grenades wherein you should return to Darnell. It can be tricky at first. But with constant practice, it will be easy and convenient.

Jewelry Store Job

After planning out your moves in Chasing the Jewel Store, it’s time to rob the Vangelico’s Fine Jewelry. But it won’t be easy. Many hurdles may block your way. Make sure to escape on a motorcycle and hide in the rendezvous point.

Mr. Philips

In this GTA 5 story mode mission, it’s important to chase the lost MC. Be sure that the hideout is the right one to avoid any hassles. The moment you go there, wipe the place completely. After that, push the trailer of Ortega into a river.

Nervous Ron

In Nervous Ron, you also have to assassinate the lost MC. Plus, rob a plane. Be sure it contains enough guns and other weapons. Then, drop them off to the buyers.

There you have it! The given GTA 5 story mode missions are only a few of the tasks you have to surpass. Comment down below for more information. We’re always glad to giving everyone a hand from start to finish.

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