Easy guide on how to install Grand Theft Auto V on your PC

There are many pirate versions of Grand Theft Auto V on the Internet that can be downloaded and installed for free. But the massive number of bugs, glitches and errors on pirates cut the joy and if you can deal with this, then the lack of a working online-mode on pirate servers completely discourages the player. That’s why we’re here with our step by step guide on how to install Grand Theft Auto official version on your PC.

How to download Grand Theft Auto on PC

After you made sure that Grand Theft Auto V game meets the system requirements of your PC, you can safely purchase the game and start installing it on your computer.

Go to the official website of Rockstar Games, and then from the list of their products, select Grand Theft Auto V, then at the bottom of the page, find the link to SocialClub, and go to the login page (if you have an account) or register (if you do not have an account). Be careful when registering, the required age for the game is 18+. Now, purchase and download the game directly to your PC.

How to install Grand Theft Auto on PC

The whole process begins with the opening of the launcher, where new windows will pop-up with step by step instructions. Many users are familiar with this standard scheme: the choice of shortcuts, the installation folder, additional software, and more. As for the latter, it is better to leave all the checkboxes enabled, as this may affect the gameplay or launch in the future.

So, once you’re an official member, it will only remain to log into the Rockstar Social Club account and enter the license code. After the letter with the activation code has been sent to the e-mail, do not rush to open it, but first perform the following steps:

  1. Once logged in to the Social Club, go through the page to the image that says "Activate Grand Theft Auto V on PC" and click it;

  2. In the appeared window, select “Use Rockstar activation code” and in the field that appears, type the activation key sent in the letter;

  3. Then click on the “Activate” button;

  4. The final step is to run the GTAV_SETUP_TOOL.EXE file on your PC, which will help install all the necessary software, as well as the game itself.

Just follow the instructions of the downloaded launcher, and the game will be installed on your PC in a few minutes.

Please note: when activated, the official release date is checked. Activation will not be completed if the release date of the game has not yet arrived. Therefore, be sure to check the current date and time settings on your PC. If you have problems with Internet access or errors when trying to activate the game, go to the official website and read the FAQ to find the solution of your problem.