Grand Theft Auto V: Beginners Tips

So you have just started out and don't know what to do in GTA 5? The in-game world is quite gigantic. And you have 3 characters to play for, with each one having his own personality, unique missions & side-quests. And how many Easter eggs and secrets are hidden in Grand Theft Auto!

Our GTA beginners guide will help you navigate through this crime-saga.

GTA 5 What to Do First?

In the very beginning of your GTA-odyssey, you will find yourself amidst the Prologue: a robbery that took place 9 years prior to the game events. It causes much heat and triggers fuzz. The key characters Michael and Trevor will be present as well.

In the Prologue mission you'll be mastering the basics of the gameplay:

  • Shooting (ammo refilling is automatic).

  • Using remote explosives.

  • Driving vehicles.

  • Occasional melee combating.

Here's how to shoot in GTA 5. Aiming your weaponry is simple: press right-mouse button on PC. As for the consoles, they have auto-aiming function. And then just press the fire-button.

Here's how you beat the Prologue mission:

  1. Intimidate the office employees, by aiming your weapon on them - don't shoot anyone.

  2. Your accomplice Trevor will set up the explosives at the vault.

  3. Use your cellphone to blow up the vault: press UP on the direction-pad (consoles) or T/Backspace/UP on the Arrow pad (PC).

  4. Switch to Trevor. Consoles: Down on the direction-pad + Analogue Stick - choose Trevor; PC: press Alt and choose Trevor.

  5. Follow the gang.

Then there will be a police-chase:

  1. Clear the garage from the police.

  2. Get inside the car that awaits your gang.

  3. Flee on the snowy road.

  4. Cross the railroad before the upcoming train makes it impossible.

There will be a brief shoot-out and the mission's complete. Once you're done with the Prologue, the rest of the game mechanics will be mastered by you on an instinctive level.

Tip: You can run off the snowy road before the guard rail and stop the car under the bridge. There, beneath the ice you will see a frozen alien corpse. But driving off the road may trigger an automatic mission failure.


One of the best GTA 5 tips is doing side-missions for earning extra cash/reputation, unlocking rare vehicles, completing the game 100%.

You will see them on the map marked with little symbols, for example salad-colored L letter for Investment Assassinations provided by Lester. But sometimes you can run into a rewarding side-event by accident: if you spot an oddly looking person/some bizarre situation - 98% there's a side-quest waiting for you.

They include:

  • Towing cars.

  • Assassinating tycoons.

  • Working as a paparazzo's driver.

  • Testing drugs and then bullet-riddling aliens with a huge machine gun.

  • Intimidating gangs.

  • Slaughtering post-ironic hipsters.

  • Giving a ride to random people, taking them instead of their destination to the Altruist camp that practices human sacrifices.

And much more. It's suspected that some of the extra-quests are still undiscovered.


The one of the most useful GTA 5 tips.

Thanks to the Map, you can find whatever you need in Los Santos. The main missions are marked with F (Franklin), M (Michael) and T (Trevor) signs. And side-missions have their own marks - a question mark for example.

Additionally you will find:

  • Barber shops.

  • AmmuNation gun-stores and shooting ranges.

  • Tattoo parlors.

  • Clothing stores.

  • Your Safe Home.

  • Businesses to buy.

And so forth.


There are several ways to make cash in GTA V.

1.  Finding secret money stashes

They are scattered throughout Los Santos and your dough-catch may vary between $5.000/$25.000. The only difficulty is that they are hard to access.

2. Robberies

You can perform almost a caravan-robbery by locating an armored truck. They appear randomly/unexpectedly in specific locations:

  • La Puerta

  • Cypress Flats

  • Little Seoul (X2)

  • Paleto Bay

You will see them as white-and-green armored vans with Gruppe label on them.


  • Kill the guards/take the money.

  • Hijack the truck, while the guards are distracted.

  • Detonate the truck doors.

Moreover, you can detect people nearby ATMs drawing some cash and rob them. Another way is to eliminate the robbers, who just emptied the cash-register at a store. This event triggers randomly whenever you enter one of the stores.

Tip: You can either take the whole dough or return it to the owner to get a money reward + an additional bonus. For instance, the owner of the clothing store Suburban will give you a lifetime discount. At the Bob Mullet barbershop you will get cheaper haircuts as well.

3. Investments

Finally, the most lucrative thing to do: stock-investments. In the Investment Assassinations Lester will advise you which companies to put your money in, but just in case here's a short guide of buying/selling the stock:

Hotel Assassination:

  • Buy before killing - BettaPharmaceuticals.

  • Sell after killing - BettaPharmaceuticals.

  • Buy after killing - Bilkington.

  • Sell after 1-week rebound - Bilkington.

Multi-target assassination:

  • Buy before - Debonaire.

  • Sell after - Debonaire.

  • Buy after assassination - Redwood.

  • Sell after rebound - Redwood.

Vice assassination:

  • Buy before - Fruit.

  • Sell after - Fruit.

  • Buy after assassination - Facade.

  • Sell after rebound - Facade.

Bus assassination:

  • Buy after assassination - Vapid.

  • Sell after rebound - Vapid.

Construction assassination:

  • Buy before - GoldCoast.

  • Sell after - GoldCoast.

Through the stock manipulations you can earn up to $2.1 billion (!)

As soon as you've amassed some impressive funds, you can invest them in property/businesses that will generate extra-profit and let you do other stuff. For example, if you buy a hangar, you can store in it a stolen military jet-fighter, once the wanted level drops down.


Additionally you can solve GTA V's mysteries, of which there's an abundance:

  • Collect alien spacecraft parts.

  • Observe UFOs.

  • Investigate a psycho-killer's case.

  • Do ghost-hunting.

  • Transform into Sasquatch.

  • Investigate the Altruist and Epsilon cults.

  • Explore strange decorations/phenomena.

And much more.

These are the basics you need to know. They are easy to master, but beating GTA 5 100% isn’t a walk on the beach. Seek for random events, spot the freaks, avoid using cheats and then the awesomeness of the extra-content unlockable in finale will keep you thrilled.